03-PS121-2~Circulatory-System-Posters.jpgg30_L_circulatory-system.jpg/Tubes called veins pump blood throught out your body. On the way out your blood is filled with the things that your body needs ateries carry blood from heart out to the rest of your body. Blood is carried from ateries to capillaries, in the capillaries the cells take the oxygen from the blood. Carbon dioxide goes into the blood and the blood goes back around to do it again. The main function of the circulatory system is to flow blood around the body so that blood gets oxygen to give to the cells.

What are the Major Organs in the body system?

Major Organs- the heart, the brain, and the lungs.

Heart: pumps blood through your body.

Brain- tells the heart when to pump and how fast to do it.

Lungs: brings in air, and blood goes through the lungs to get oxygen.
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Interesting Facts:
-Helps stabalize body temperature
- bodies way of bringing oxygen and nutrients to cells
- Involves the heart muscle, which pumps blood through your body
-veins return blood to the heart.
-one of the most important systems in your body

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What are the disorders that afflict this system ?
ateriosclerosis is the most common disease

How does the disorder affect the body system ?
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deposits thickens walls of arteries.. can lead to stroke or heart attack :0

What causes the disorder ?
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accumulation of fatty foods or drinks

What are the treatments of the disorder ?

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rest exercise diet change drugs for lowering high blood pressure .

Can anything be done to prevent this disorder ?

eat foods that streghthen heart .

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what other systems work with yours to maintain homeostasis ?

  • respritory system

* lymphatic system