What are the functions of the digestive system?

The functions are turning food into energy and packaging the residue for waste disposal.

You should find at least 3 functions for each system.
Breakdown of nutrients, getting rid of wastes, and absorption of nutrients into the blood stream.

What is the main function of the body system?
Converting food into energy.

What secondary functions does the system perform?

Breakdown of nutrients.

What are the major organs in the body system?
  • Teeth

  • Esophagus

  • Liver Esophagus.jpg
  • Gallblader
  • Anus gallbladder.jpg
  • Small intestine
  • Large intestine
  • Pancreas

What are the functions of each organ?

  • Teeth- To chew down food so that it can go through your throat easily.
  • Esophagus- Tube that connects the throat with the stomach.
  • Small Intestine- Absorbs nutrients from your food.
  • Large Intestine- Absorbs vitamins.
  • Liver- Filters the tonxins from the nutrients
  • Gallbladder- Small sac that holds bile anus, it is the regulator of the flow of poop.
  • Pancreas- Produces digestive juices and helps control blood sugar

What are the disorders that afflict the digestive system?

  • Ulcers
  • Gallstones
  • Diarrhea
How does the disorder affect the digestive system?

Ulcers- It affects the nerues surrounding it. the nerves grow pain and cause spasm and swelling.
Gallstones- Pain in abdomen and chest, back, heartburn, gas, and indegestion.
Diarrhea- Your body loses fluids and you become dehydrated.

What causes the disorder?

Ulcers- Excess acid
Gallstones- Cholesterol stones
Diarrhea- Bacteri, viruses, milk, diseases.

What are the treatments of the disorder?

Ulcers- Medicine with antibiotics
Gallstones- Therapy, bile acid dissolution.
Diarrhea- Avoid dehydration, drink water, fruit, juices, and vegetables.

Can anything be done to prevent the disorder?
Ulcers- Void stress, eat healthy, exersize.
Gallstones- Controls diabetes, watch your cholesterol, maintain healthy weight.
Diarrhea- Wash foods before eating, for go milk products, no caffiene.

What other systems does your body system work with to maintain homeostasis?

The digestive system works with the circulatory system in order to give out nutrients.


  • An adult esophagus ranges from 10 to 14 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter
  • We make 1 to 3 pints of salvia a day
  • We eat about 500 kg of food per year
  • Everyday 11.5 liters of digested food, liquids and digestive juices flow though the digestive system
  • In the mouth, food is either cooled or warmed to a more suitable temperature