What are the functions of the excretory system?

3 functions of the excretory system

Rid the body of waste and dangerous products from the body

Remove the gas (co2) with the body does not need

Excretion of many chemicals in sweat

external image glomerulus.gif Main function

Filter wastes from blood

Secondary functions

Regulate temperature

Regulate blood pressure

What are the major organs in the excretory system ?

Skin: regulate temperature excrete water, salts , urea , heats

external image 8912.jpg Kidneys: filters blood and makes urine external image kidney-stone.jpg

Lungs: excrete oxygen and heat external image lung.gif

Liver: filters blood

=external image liver.jpg ----

What are the disorders that afflict this system ?

the disorder affect the excretory system

1) Kidneys stones : caused by diet high in calcium


2) Hepatitis : viral inflection


3) Pneumonia : viral or bacterial infection


Treatments of the disorder

Kidneys stones can be treated with medication and laser treatment

Hepatitis preventative vaccine and antibiotics

Pneumonia antibiotics and rest

Prevent the disorder

Keep hands clean and avoid sick people.

Because for hepatitis contamination is mainly through sex.

Pneumonia :This lung infection by a microbe (bacteria) or a virus.

What other systems does your body system work with to maintain homeostasis?

The digestive and excretory systems work together to maintain homeostasis.

The digestive system take food digests it to extract energy and nutrients and the rest he sends in the excretory system that evacuates all its waste into the anus.


Any other interesting information you found regarding your body system:

Excretion aims to rid the body of waste this disposal is a urine and sweat, co2.

The urinary tract consists of two parts:

1) The secretary glands or kidneys that filter the blood to extract the urine.

2) The excretory apparatus consisting of ureters that lead the urine into the bladder , where it is thrown out by a channel called urethra

external image urinary-system-of-man.jpeg

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