1st Question : What are the function of the immune system?

  • Anatomic Response- it prevents threatening substances from entering your body.
  • Inflammation System-works by excreting the invader from your body.
  • Immune Response- when the inflammation response fails it goes to work . this is made up of whit blood cells which fight infection by gobbling up antigens.
  • Sources: factmonster.com
  1. What is the main function of the immune system?

  • I think the immune response is the main function.
  • Sources: factmonster.com
  1. What secondary function does the immune system perform?

  • anatomic response and inflammation system.



Question: What are the major organs in the body system?

  • Bone Marrow-All the cells of the immune system are intially derived from the bone marrow. They form a process called hematopoiesis.
  • Thymus-The function of the thymus is to produce mature T cells. Immature thymocytes,also known as prothymocytes,leave the bone marrow and migrate into the thymus.
  • Spleen-Is an immunologic filter of blood. It is made up of B cells,T cells, macrophages,dendritic cells,natural killer cells and red blood cells.
  • Lymph Nodes-Functions as a immunologic filter for the bodily fluid known as lymph. Lymph nodes are found throughout the body.

QUESTION : what other systems does the immune system work with to maintain homeostasis?

ANSWER: Circulatory system- The circulatory system allows the immune cells to travel throughout the body and survey for infection. Also it lets the immune cells go aroung to protect the body.

Nervous system- One well known connection involves the adrenal glands. In responce to stress messages from the brain , the adrenal glands release hormones into the blood.



1) There are three different types of immunities that humans have in their immune sytems.

  • Adaptive immunity- which evolves over time and develops as people are exposed to diseases.
  • Innate immunity- is the natural protection that we are born with.
  • Passive immunity- is temporary immunity that is borrowed from another source, such as breast milk antibodies from a mother.

2) A weakened immune system is NOT a cause of the common cold.

3) There are several things that can go wrong with the immune system and therefore cause problems to occur.

  • Allergic Disorders- the immune system reacts in response to the presence of antigens.
  • Autoimmune Disorders- when the immune system attacks its own self as if it were foreign matter.
  • Immunodeficiency Disorders- both acquired and primary.

4) The immune system consists of several different organs, including the Spleen, the Thymus, and the Bone Marrow.

5) It produces a barrier that prevents bacteria and viruses from coming into your body.

6) The Immune System is essentially a three layer system.

7) Type 1 diabetes doesn't hamper the day-to-day activity of your Immune System.

8) The NO. 1 way to boost your Immune System is reducing stress.

9) The Immune System might be trainable.

10) Your Immune System genes are core to the "chemistry" that makes you sexy.


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